Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Writer to watch...

Check out this amazing poem by WritersCafe member Blue. It is a great mix of clever rhyme, brilliant language and intriguing narrative!
Check out more of Blue's work here and enjoy the poem 'The Girl in the Black' below...
The Girl in the Black
Amidst the party lights
And women scant'ly clad
I catch the worst of sights
A girl in  black  goes bad.
I know her very well
Her name is Mary Claire
She's never been to hell
I wonder why she's there.
Her wings and  halo gone
Her innocence long dead
Just judgment has been done
For lust and sins unsaid.
T'was I who stole her all
Her life, so pure and chaste
As I devour her soul
I sigh upon such waste.
The girl I once had loved
Now angel's tainted black
Thrown from heaven above
She's never coming back.

© 2013 Blue

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Welcome to Ravensreach...

I am typing away at my first novel, a gothic tale entitled 'Ravensreach', and I wanted to share some of it with you.
This is a poem, written by one of my favourite poets Giovanni Gemini.
I asked him to write me this piece to help recreate the epic and gothic feel of some of my favourite gothic novels.


A Reminder to Ravensreach

Like an exasperated alarm, the screams were a reminder

One bearing hymns of warning to those extant

To those who crawled the crippled nights of Ravensreach

An alarm noted to remind them that they were lucky


As the moon lit the night air and shadows crept in the streets

From the hills came shrieks sailing on the waves of the wind

Like thieves tip-toing the narrow streets of Ravensreach

To steal life and remind them of the unspoken that still survives


The sinister screams leered at the future of the metropolis

Unnerving the unspoken populace from the romance of its hymns

Singing of the ones seeking emancipation from the hills

Performing as a preface to usher the heartbreak of real play


Yes, the audacious screams creep in under the moon

To remind Ravensreach of the things in need of enforcing

A prophecy to those who still crawled in the shadows of night

That the hour glass of their fortune was running out of sand



by G!o.inked

(Giovanni Gemini)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

NEW short story!

My new short story entitled 'That Funny Valentine', an unexpected thriller!
"The moonlight began to creep across the rich rug of the study as the final bars of ‘My funny Valentine’ floated from the victrola.
Then the music stopped, dread consumed Cora as she waited for the silence to be broken.
Pure, deathly silence. When suddenly-
“Hello Cora.”"

Read it here

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Selection: a NEW sci-fi short

“36 minutes and 21 seconds to the next Selection. The results will be broadcast to every Transmission Monitor in The New United Empire. All citizens will comply and prepare for possible Selection.”

            “Shona!” Rhett shouted as he burst from the alleyway onto the street. He looked frantically up and down S23a, until he saw her in the distance. “Shona!” he shouted and darted down the deserted street.

“Leave me alone!” Shona cried desperately rushing back to her Lesser Cluster dwelling, her heavy boots stomping through the grubby street water. The sound of Rhett’s voice only spurred her forward. Rhett was always there when she didn’t want him to be, always messing things up. She had worked with him at the Shipyard for three years and they had never seen eye to eye. But at that moment, Rhett was the last thing she needed to worry about; even though he had caught her with blood on her hands.

To read the full story click the link below! Will you be selected?


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Writer to watch...

This poem is by an amazing writer called M. B. Mowery another Writerscafe.org member. This poem is beautiful and I think all you fellow writers out there will love it! The blend of archaic language and classic tone makes for an inspirational piece. For more of his work follow the link below:

N. B. Mowery WriterCafe.org profile
A Blend for the Weary
Faint tendrils of musty sages
Drift from barred and futile
Knowledge waiting in the pages
To teach and pour into a pupil
Come to me oh weary wanderer
I have warm soup for you to drink
It will help you hope and ponder
It is of paper and of ink
Sip by sip and you will see
The mountains shape and hills take form
You have no limits now that you are free
to explore the lost and lorn
Riches wait within this land
Both on the page and afterthought
Knights guard both small and grand
The love the realm the battles fought
Oh you're done here have another
Now be forewarned each bowl's unique
More realms and shores you must uncover
One thing they're not they're never bleak
You may visit anytime you please
Just take a sip and you will be
Immersed within the world you've seen
Just one sip and you are free

© 2013 N.B. Mowery

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